"Space is the Place" ― Sun Ra


Greenbridge is currently preparing (ETC: September 2022) an intimate, accessible, functional performance & hosting space. The venue -variably referred to as "Analog Countercultural", "Luddite's Revenge" or simply "The Space"- is located in Trikala (central Greece) and consists of two levels:

- a 55m2 ground floor performance space, which contains an _implied_ stage, a couple of sofas, a kitchenette and an assortment of musical instruments, including a piano, an acoustic guitar, a darbuka, a trombone, a melodica, a ukulele, a couple of harmonicas, a duduk and a trumpet.

- a 50m2 upstairs hosting space with two sleeping areas which can comfortably host up to six people, a bathroom and a mini lounge.

The space is available to anyone who would like to book it and use it from the following groups:

- Traveling Artists & Performers
- Cybersecurity Mentees

Traveling Artists & Performers

If you are a vagabond musician, traveling theatrical troupe, performance artist, poet, illusionist, clown, stand up comedian, mime, puppeteer, ventriloquist, magician, spoken word artist, dancer, preacher or any associated lifeform we'd love to host you, free of charge, and have you perform live @ Greenbridge! Some important things to consider:

- The performance space is small, particularly at the width which only measures 3.5m. There is no clearly defined stage, just an empty space which can function as a stage.

- The performance space is analog only. This means: no amplifiers, pedals, consoles, speakers, nada. We don't even have microphones! This is a very conscious choice and has nothing to do with lack of budget or snobbism (well, maybe a little bit). The intention here is to strip all unnecessary components off a performance and seek the elusive, kantian thing in itself in this context. Just joking! Not! Don't worry, we do have power, as well as a simple lights setup.

Play that funky horn
The Kant reference is meant to be a joke, but the fact of the matter is that the greenbridge space is, indeed, analog-only. If you are a metal/punk musician and you are thinking there is no way acoustic music can be extreme or cathartic, you are wrong! Check out Steve Austin's piece here. And when you are done, borrow our guitar and come play an acoustic set at ours.

- You are welcome to use the Greenbridge space for a maximum stay of three days; longer stays can be arranged upon request.

- We don't care if you are a "good" artist. By taking the stage and exposing yourself, you have already more than earned our respect and admiration.

- You will, in all likelihood, be sharing the upstairs area with our Mentee-in-Residence. You will, however, have your own room.

- All performances @ Analog Countercultural are held on a donation basis.

Mime & Cow

Cybersecurity Mentees

We'd love to have you do part of your mentorship in our space! A few things to consider:

- The curriculum, cost and overall approach to the mentorship program are identical to the virtual mentorship. You will still need to work independently and manage your own time and progress while aligning yourself to the curriculum. The crucial difference in a physical mentorship is that you get the opportunity to spend plenty of quality time with your mentor while participating in a vibrant, cross-disciplinary experiment in the Greek countryside!

- The recommended length of our Mentee-in-Residence program is one calendar month. Please let us know if you would like to stay for less or longer.

- Greenbridge is not able to sponsor residence permits for the time being. To apply for our Mentee-in-Residence program, you need to have a valid residence permit for EU/Greece.

- As the Mentee-in-Residence, we'd appreciate if you take on the responsibility for keeping the Greenbridge space tidy and ensuring a peaceful relationship with our neighbours, especially during the quiet hours.

- You will occasionally be sharing the upstairs area either with other guests at Analog Countercultural, or with another Mentee-in-Residence. You will, however, have your own room.


That's all for now friends! The space is expected to be ready circa September 2022, but we welcome your expression of interest messages in the meanwhile.