"Space is the Place" ― Sun Ra


Greenbridge is currently preparing (ETC: October 2022) an intimate, accessible, functional performance & hosting space. The venue -variably referred to as "Analog Countercultural", "Luddite's Revenge" or simply "The Space"- is located in Trikala (central Greece) and consists of two levels:

- a 55m2 ground floor performance space, which contains an _implied_ stage, a couple of sofas, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and an assortment of musical instruments, including a piano, an acoustic guitar, a darbuka, a trombone, a melodica, a ukulele, a couple of harmonicas, a duduk and a trumpet.

- a 50m2 upstairs hosting space with a private bedroom, a bathroom and a mini lounge.

We welcome applications for visitor and resident types of stay:


As a resident @ Analog Countercultural, you will be a key contributor to the success of the space’s mission! Your main contribution will be helping us out when curating, organising and actualising events. You will be staying in a private room with a bunker bed which you can use by yourself or with your co-resident if it’s two of you applying together. Please be aware that you will occasionally be sharing the space with various visitors.

Before applying for a residency with us, please consider the following:

- The recommended period of stay is a minimum of one calendar month and a maximum of three.

- As the resident, we'd appreciate it if you took on the responsibility of keeping the space clean and tidy.

- We'd also appreciate it if you committed to observing the quiet hours, as well as ensuring peaceful relations with our neighbours.

Mime & Cow

- You may veto visitor applications if, for whatever reason, you are not comfortable sharing the Greenbridge space with a particular visitor.

- Lastly, we’ll ask you for a generous monthly donation in lieu of rent. We rely on donations to keep Greenbridge going. We have a figure in mind but we are open to discussing this with you, if we like you and you happen to be in a tight position financially.

To apply for a resident stay, please drop us an e-mail explaining why you’d like to stay with us and which your preferred dates are. If you have an online profile somewhere, kindly send us the link.


Analog Countercultural can host up to four visitors, in the mini lounge area upstairs and the ground floor. Please be aware that you will be sharing the space with our beloved resident(s). While we are open to all types of visitors, in order to stick close to our mission, we are particularly interested in hosting:

- Travelling artists and performers: vagabond musicians, traveling theatrical troupes, performance artists, poets, illusionists, clowns, stand up comedians, mimes, puppeteers, ventriloquists, magicians, spoken word artists, dancers, preachers or other associated lifeforms.

- Computer Geeks: Linux geeks, ex-priests, Open Source supporters, anonymity & privacy zealots, obscure operating system afficionados, culture jammers, arduino enthusiasts, ham radio hobbyists, control evaders, cryptographers, blockchain engineers, digital rights warriors, seekers, cryptanalysts, OpenBSD evangelists, digital media artists, explorers of esoteric languages, context hackers, network architects, trolls, or hard science fiction writers.

- Vegans, Vegetarians & Animal welfare Activists.

- Effective Altruists.

Play that funky horn
Before sending us a message, please consider the following:

- Visitors are welcome for a maximum stay of three nights.

- During their stay, visitors need do one of the following:

+ Either stage a short performance
+ Or host a vegan dinner party!

To stay with us as a visitor, please drop us an e-mail introducing yourself, stating what you would like to do here, and what your preferred dates are. If you have an online profile or website, kindly send us the link.

Performances @ Luddite's Revenge

The Greenbridge Space is open to all types of performances. A few things to consider:

- We don't care whether you are a "good" artist. By taking the stage and exposing yourself, you have already more than earned our respect and admiration.

- The performance space is small, particularly at the width which only measures 3.5m. There is no clearly defined stage, just an empty space which can function as a stage.

- The performance space is analog only. This means: no amplifiers, pedals, consoles, speakers, nada. We don't even have microphones! This is a very conscious choice and has nothing to do with lack of budget or snobbism (well, maybe a little bit). The intention here is to strip all unnecessary components off a performance and seek the elusive, kantian thing in itself in this context. Just joking! Not! Don't worry, we do have power, as well as a simple lights setup.

The Kant reference is meant to be a joke, but the fact of the matter is that the Greenbridge space is, indeed, only analog. If you are a metal/punk musician, wondering if it is even possible for acoustic music to be extreme or cathartic, check out Today is the Day's temple of the mourning star. And when you are done, come play an acoustic set @ our space. You are welcome.

- You will be performing to a small but warm audience of no more than 20 people.

- All performances @ Analog Countercultural are held strictly on a donation basis.


That's all for now friends! We look forward to hearing from you.