"Space is the Place" ― Sun Ra


The Greenbridge Space -sometimes referred to as "Analog Countercultural", "Luddite's Revenge" or simply "The Space"- is a DIY performance & hosting space located @ Filippou 5 in Trikala (central Greece).

Our intention is to support new artists, committed amateurs, anyone who wants to perform in front of an audience and has not had the opportunity to do so.


- The main stage area is approximately 40m2 [Length * Width * Height = 12 * 3.5 * 2.7].

- There is no physical stage, only a free area which can function as a stage, directly under a 2.5m2 rectangular opening connecting the ground floor and the first floor.


- We have a portable PA system with an embedded 4-channel mixer, a pair of dynamic microphones, a HP G-70 laptop running Lubuntu with Logitech Z-5 speakers, and a cassette radio player. We also have a 50-year old Hoffman piano, a trombone, a trumpet, a harmonica, a duduk, an acoustic guitar, a darbuka and a melodica, all of which you can use.

- We have a pair of PAR lights above the main stage, with several colour filters to choose from. We also have LED lights behind all walls of the Space and the ceiling.

- There are two three-seat sofas and several stools in the main stage area.

- There is an additional 20m2 area for the audience upstairs, which has clear visibility of the performance space.


- The total capacity of the Greenbridge Space is 50 people.

- The Space is free to use. All performances @ Greenbridge are held on a donation basis, and all contributions from the audience are given to the performer(s) as a minimum token of appreciation for their effort.

- All out of town performers are very welcome to stay over @ Greenbridge. We can host up to three visitors in our comfy sofas and mattresses in the upstairs lounge and the ground floor area. We provide bedding, blankets & towels.


We are particularly interested in hosting performances from:

- vagabond musicians, theatrical troupes, performance artists, poets, illusionists, clowns, stand up comedians, mimes, puppeteers, ventriloquists, magicians, spoken word artists, dancers, preachers or other associated lifeforms.

- Linux geeks, ex-priests, Open Source supporters, anonymity & privacy zealots, obscure operating system afficionados, culture jammers, arduino enthusiasts, ham radio hobbyists, control evaders, cryptographers, blockchain engineers, digital rights warriors, seekers, cryptanalysts, OpenBSD evangelists, digital media artists, explorers of esoteric languages, context hackers, network architects, trolls, or hard science fiction writers.

- Vegans, Vegetarians & Animal welfare Activists.

- Effective Altruists.

That's all folks! If you'd like to play @ Greenbridge shoot us an e-mail or ping us @ facebook.