General FAQ

What's the motivation behind Greenbridge?

There is a massive shortage of human resources in the Information Security field. While this is so, employers are still reluctant to hire people without experience. The result is that there is a large number of talented cybersecurity enthusiasts with strong skills and potential who have nevertheless been unable to penetrate into the Cybersecurity market. Greenbridge is our attempt to change this state of affairs and help create a more accessible Industry by shifting candidates towards a more desirable curriculum and employers towards a different mentality in relation to remote junior hires.

How does Cybersecurity connect to Animal Welfare?

Through Greenbridge! Information Security has come a long way from a small, obscure network of specialists to a massive, influential Industry which has only recently started addressing its shortcomings in relation to social responsibility. We aim to be the missing link between animal welfare and information security.

Why Animal Welfare?

We feel that the way we treat nonhuman animals is one of the most significant pitfalls of our era. There are plenty of resources on the web in relation to animal welfare, should the reader want to further read up on this matter, but we’d like to note that the animal welfare we are more interested in supporting is in relation to farmed animals. An excellent starting point, not just on Animal Welfare, but on many urgent, important issues of our times is Effective Altruism.

Our stated commitment is to financially support Effective Altruism's Animal welfare Fund, but we are very open to contributing to Animal Welfare via other ways, such as research projects and innovative ideas which somehow use information security techniques to help alleviate animal suffering. Hit us up with your ideas!

Why does your website look amateurish?

Greenbridge is DIY. We like our website; we rolled the website ourselves from scratch in pure HTML/CSS. It doesn't look like the majority of websites out there but we feel that it contains all the information necessary, it's lightning fast, and in *BSD spirit, it runs in every conceivable device in the history of the universe.

Why aren't you active on social media?

Greenbridge is minimalist. We maintain a profile on Linkedin so that people can actually find us on social media, and we do occasionally post content. However, we do not engage in social interaction just for the sake of engagement, only when we genuinely have something to say.

How does Greenbridge make money?

Through employer fees when we match them with a candidate, mentee fees via the mentorcruise platform and through donations from generous individuals like yourself, dear reader.

The curriculum takes too long to complete. Why should I bother?

The short attention span and the instant gratification expectation are both very characteristic signs of our time. If James Joyce wrote Ulysses in 2021 (we haven't read it), his publisher would have insisted that he publish in a long series of tweets. We just did the math for you: assuming 55 words per tweet, it would have taken approximately 4818 tweets for the entire 265,000 word epic to be published exclusively via twitter. What a non-fungible token this would have made.

But we digress. You should bother because you want to work in information security, and you realise that foundation building takes effort and time. Investing a few months of your time in educating yourself on something that you are genuinely interested in should not feel like drudgery. If it does feel like an impossible task, it could be either because the material itself is not interesting to you -in which case you may want to reexamine your decision to work in information security- or because you are finding it difficult to function as an autodidact.

If the latter is the case, we'd recommend that you try to break down the problem into smaller parts and focus on these separately. Which part of self learning troubles you the most? Lack of time? Lack of discipline? Poor English? Lack of peers? Something else that you are not sure about? Try to pinpoint, define and address the root cause of the problem that’s blocking you from learning. We’ll be happy to help you on this. Ping us.

Employer FAQ

Why should I hire someone remotely?

Remote work is becoming an established, efficient, and financially beneficial practice. Remote work spares you the trouble of issuing Visas and getting talent to relocate across countries or continents so that they can work for you. Remote work ensures that your staff will be happier.

How do I hire someone remotely?

The simplest way is to engage them as a contractor. They'd need to start a sole proprietorship in their country of residence and treat you as a client. There is also an option to hire them as a salaried employee, even if your company does not have a legal presence in the candidate's country of residence. In Greece, this can be done by registering the candidate as the company's legal representative so that they can receive state social security. Other countries probably have similar legislation. Another elegant solution is this platform.

Why should I hire a junior?

Juniors are hard working and committed. In Information Security, most projects have large components that can be undertaken by juniors while having just one senior consultant overseeing, coaching and managing the difficult bits. Juniors make great material to build or pad teams with. Juniors are affordable. Juniors are good people.

What sets Greenbridge approved candidates apart?

Traditionally, hackers have been fairly monothematic people with few interests besides computers. As the Industry is transforming, the profile of the individual hacker is rapidly changing too. Our ambition is to be present and help shape the new generation hacker profile into one that has more space for empathy, social consciousness and creativity beyond the confines of technology. We feel confident that people who meet our criteria have enormous potential, not just as cybersecurity juniors, but as creative, analytical, rational, technology literate individuals.

I am an EU-based employer. Will I have GDPR compliance and/or other regulatory issues in relation to data processing if I engage a contractor who is based outside the EU?

We are not lawyers but we can share our humble opinion based on discussions with lawyers and information security people. The EU has published detailed data protection rules in relation to international data transfers. The mechanism most likely to be fit for your purposes is the Standard Contractual Clause from an EU controller to a non-EU processor. Keep in mind that this document refers to Personally Identifiable Information (PII); you will need to adjust it to cover other types of sensitive data that your contractor may come accross while working for you, and potentially complement it with a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.

How much does the service cost?

Free as in Freedom for candidates. Employers should kindly check our Terms of Service.