Greenbridge is a new, not-for-profit organisation based in Greece, founded by experienced members of the information security community. Our goal is to connect with bright juniors who are interested in working in the cybersecurity field, help them improve their skills wherever needed, and match them with employers who are looking for remote hires.


We provide a recommended curriculum, a method of self-education, as well as support and guidance to our candidates. We feel confident that people who take the time to complete the Greenbridge curriculum and meet our criteria have enormous potential, not just as cybersecurity juniors, but as creative, analytical, rational, technology literate individuals. The four core elements we include in our curriculum, and assess when meeting candidates, are the following:

Due to our 20-odd year professional experience in Information Security, we are well connected with employers in Scandinavia, the UK, the Baltic countries, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, the US & Portugal. Furthemore, we are well connected with various universities, internet fora and other types of social networks which are populated by bright information security enthusiasts, either at the beginning of their career, or working in fields adjacent to cyber security.

A partial list of Greenbridge approved alumni can be found here.

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Candidates: Please familiarise yourselves with our curriculum and guidelines, before reaching out. If you are comfortable working independently and can complete the curriculum by yourselves, at your own pace, then our recommendation would be to do just that. However, if you would prefer some boosting and personalised advice from us, you may consider applying for a paid mentorship over at mentorcruise.

Prospective Employers: Please have a look at the FAQ, then ping us so that we can discuss your requirement more in detail over videotelephony.


We opted for the name "Greenbridge" as a suitable identifier for an organisation that aims to:

We strive to adhere to the following:

1. Be open and fair to our candidates. Our goal is to help and empower the candidates. The whole process is candidate-driven, open, and subject to feedback and scrutiny.

2. Be minimalist. We try to run a lean, barebones organisation, using only the components we deem necessary to do our work. In order of preference, this means:

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3. Align ourselves with Effective Altruism. A philosophy and social movement that advocates using evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Concretely, we try to do the following:

Greenbridge is supported by a network of information security professionals under the general management of Stelios Tigkas. Stelios has been in the information security field for twenty years, and has experience of working as a technical consultant, security auditor, team leader and penetration tester across Europe, Asia and Africa. He likes heavy metal and stargazing.


At this early stage of our existence, we could really use your support in the promotion department.

If you or those around you are Linux geeks, Open Source supporters, anonymity & privacy zealots, obscure operating system afficionados, arduino enthusiasts, ham radio hobbyists, cryptographers, blockchain engineers, digital rights warriors, systems administrators, cryptanalysts, OpenBSD evangelists, digital media artists, explorers of esoteric languages, firewall operators, network architects or even hard science fiction writers, we'd love to hear from them!

Alternatively, you can support Greenbridge financially either via a credit card donation, or a cryptocurrency donation:


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If you have any general queries that you'd like to address, by all means e-mail us.